Re: Translation of XPointer Specification

Dear Mr. Teramoto,

I have had a quick look at your translation, in particular the
top and the bottom. Your explanations about the status of the
translation and the Working Draft itself look very good.
Many thanks for all your effort!
If you can, please also make the top part and the bottom line
use a different color background; with a <DIV> around them
and a CSS style rule, that should be easy to do.

If you don't object, I'll ask the maintainers of the relevant
pages on the W3C site to add a link to your translation.

With kind regards,   Martin.

At 10:34 98/10/27 -0500, TERAMOTO Yoshito wrote:
> Dear Sir,
>     I have completed the Japanese translation of XPointer 
> Specification and would like to publish it on Oct 28 at 
> .
>     I agree W3C's terms and will get the right to publish
> the translation I made.
> Thank you very much.
> ---
> Yoshito Teramoto

Received on Tuesday, 27 October 1998 22:31:51 UTC