Update: SGML WG to XML IG transition

As most of you know, the W3C SGML Working Group goes out of existence
on June 30 and is replaced by a W3C XML Interest Group (IG) on July 1.

In an earlier message I noted that there was then no provision in the
W3C process rules for including non-W3C members in IGs.  Those rules
have been revised, and it now appears that we can retain our current
membership more or less intact by declaring all current members who
are not employees of W3C member organizations to be "invited experts."
So as far as I know, the XML IG will start with a membership identical
to the membership of the SGML WG.

Since we will be operating under W3C process rules beginning July 1,
some details of the formal relationship between the XML WG
(corresponding to the present SGML ERB) and the XML IG (corresponding
to the present SGML WG) will change, but I expect the basic dynamics
of the working relationship to remain much the same.


Received on Monday, 23 June 1997 00:44:06 UTC