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Re: XML catalog draft

From: Paul Grosso <paul@arbortext.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 97 10:17:04 CST
Message-Id: <9702091617.AA02330@atiaus.arbortext.com>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
> From: lee@sq.com

> If we have PUBLIC identifiers in files, and catalogs in some standard
> way, but no way to interchange catalogs, and no way to get a catalog
> given an XML file, we have failed to specify enough details to get
> interchange of XML files working over the web.  And that's what we're
> here for, so that's what we have to do.
> . . .


I hear you expressing unhappiness with the catalog proposal as it
stands, but all I can determine as your problem with it is that it
doesn't specify how the XML implementation will determine what the
catalog is.  I'm failing to understand why go on at length about this.

I understand you to say you don't want a final XML spec that says
nothing about how an implementation should find its catalog.  Okay.
Point taken.  Some might disagree and prefer to leave it unspecified,
but I suspect a majority of us would at least like to see a non-binding
recommendation as to how an XML implementation could find its catalog.

So either (a) suggest some words right now that you'd like to add to
the proposal or (b) let's agree now that, once we determine how an XML
application will find its style sheet, we'll define an analogous way
for it to find its catalog.

It seems more important to me to determine first (1) if we will add
public identifiers to XML, and (2) if so, if we will recommend a
catalog-based resolution scheme in XML, and (3) if so, will we limit
the right hand side of catalogs to the same things allowed in XML
system identifiers, and (4) if so, will that be URLs or will we expand
what we allow as XML system identifiers.

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