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Re: XML catalog draft

From: Christopher R. Maden <crm@ebt.com>
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 15:54:38 GMT
Message-Id: <199702031554.PAA03469@phaser.EBT.COM>
To: w3c-sgml-wg@www10.w3.org
I think there are a few ambiguities in the specification.  Overall, I
found it very clear.

1) The resolution process for a public identifier is that all PUBLIC
   entries be searched in order, then all DELEGATE entries.  It
   appears from the description of when to use DELEGATE that PUBLIC
   entries are searched only from the first catalog entry entity, then
   DELEGATE entries from that entity, then PUBLIC entries from the
   second catalog entry entity, and so on.  However, that wasn't
   completely explicit, and seems out of keeping with the concept of
   the catalog as a logical construct.

2) Does the DELEGATE process recurse?  I know that in the header notes
   it indicates that this is left to implementations, but it should be
   explicit in the specification.

3) The DELEGATE description says that other parts of the entity are
   not available, as opposed to SGML Open TR9401...  This is
   confusing, as no other reference to TR9401 nor to other modes of
   lookup have been made.  Mention at the beginning of the lookup
   process description that only the public identifier is available
   for referencing, and don't mention it again.  References to TR9401
   should be restricted to an SGML Geek appendix.  The ambiguity here
   contributed to my confusion on point 2).

4) The behavior of CATALOG is not completely clear - is it like an
   #include instruction?  That is, is the referenced catalog entry
   entity inserted in its entirety into the catalog at the point of
   the CATALOG reference, or is it appended to the current logical
   catalog?  This has implications on point 1) - is the inserted
   catalog then part of the current catalog entry entity for purposes
   of the PUBLIC/DELEGATE cycle, or should things after the CATALOG
   entry be searched before searching members of the referenced
   catalog entry entity?

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