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RE: Fried Parrot Intestines in my XML Soup

From: Ken Holman <gkholman@microstar.com>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 17:40:51 -0500
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>Hence, I suggest that we need the following:
>* a list of required functionality

A mechanism is required for authors to create system- and
location-independent specification of entities.  Users of system- and
location-independent identifiers can create read-only XML files with
entities whose resolution can be specified (or modified) outside of the
XML file.  

>* discussion of possible approaches to providing that functionality

Allow users to specify a system-independent identifier either in
conjunction with, or in place of, a system-dependent identifier.  Where
an entity is defined by both a system-independent identifier and a
system-dependent identifer, an attempt is first made to satisfy the
system-independent identifier, and when that is not successful, an
attempt is then made to satisfy the system-dependent identifier.  (This
behaviour is implied in SGML Clause 10.1.6 "The system identifier can be
omitted if the system can generate it from the public identifier and/or
other information available to it").

>* final choice of mechanism(s)

Not my place to decide; I vote for the above.

>* discussion on syntax, if needed

Coming in another post (real soon now!).

>* final shoice of syntax

Not my place to decide; I vote for my pending straw man (modified, as
required, by those more practiced in XML functional specification than

......... Ken

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