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cannes minutes

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 20:25:48 +0200
To: w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org

The breakout had IRC:


09:03:47 <bwm> parseType=Literal
09:04:22 <bwm> in some way we want it to represent the abstract xml between
the two tags.
09:04:55 <bwm> we need at least a bit to say that its xml
09:05:17 <bwm> represent the xml with a string that is the canonicalised
represention xml
09:07:08 <bwm> the xml parser should do it right so we dont' have to do
09:10:17 <bwm> xml lang is inherited in xml - that is correctly handled by
rdf/xml translation
09:12:09 <bwm> requirement is the graph round trips.  misha happy.

Note the last two words.

parseType="Literal" does not show in the more formal minute:

Also the following minutes are found in
Notes from I18N/RDFCore Meeting
I18N recommend that literals (strings) in the RDF graph be fully normalised
UNICODE and should not start with a combining character.
I18N suggests that IRI's be used to name resources in the graph and that
comparison of IRI's behaves as if they are UNICODE normalised, but not does
require that such normalization is performed.
I18N agree that RDFCore requires a transitive string comparison algorithm
and requests that the specs do not mislead application developers into
thinking they are not permitted to implement a more flexible string matching
algorithm, e.g. on queries.
I18N note that the strings defining languages occasionally change and
suggests that RDFCore may choose to use URI's to name languages. RDFCore
agree to consider.
I18N found the proposed solution of literals being a pair of a string and a
language tag acceptable.
I18N agree that n-triples is an internal tool for the WG and developers and
is not subject to the same internationization concerns of more public
syntaxes. I18N request that the specs make this limited role for n-triples
There was some dicussion of RDFCore concerns that I18N specs would not be
final and of a lack of implementations delaying completion of RDFCore.
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