(Draft) Minutes of Telecon 20020517

1: Volunteer scribe

bwm volunteered in the absence of anyone else on irc.  Jos took over when bwm's
network connection failed. (Thanks Jos).

2: Roll Call


   Dave Beckett
   Jeremy Carroll
   Mike Dean
   Ron Daniel
   Jos deRoo
   Pat Hayes
   Martyn Horner
   Frank Manola
   Brian McBride (chair)
   Sergey Melnik (not present at start of meeting)
   Steve Petschulat


   Dan Connolly
   Dan Brickley
   Jan Grant
   Graham Klyne
   Eric Miller
   Patrick Stickler
   Aaron Swartz

   Bill dehOra
   Rael Dornfest
   Yoshiyuki Kitahara
   Michael Kopchenov
   KWON, Hyung-Jin
   Ora Lassila
   Satoshi Nakamura
   Pierre G. Richard

3: Review Agenda


4: Next telecon 10am Boston time, 24 May 2002


5: Review Minutes of 2002-05-03


6: Brief update on WWW 2002

Guha reported that this was the best ever WWW conference for RDF and the 
semantic web which is achieving a level of critical mass with interest from
may major companies.

7: outstanding issues - 8 left
rdfs-isDefinedBy-semantics - held open in light of Danbri's comments


ACTION 2002-05-17#1 DaveB Investigate issue faq-html-compliance and propose
                     a resolution

8: Review comments on Charmod

Both Jeremy Carroll and Dave Beckett have reviewed the last call charmod WD

It was agreed that editorial comments would not come from the WG but would be
submitted by individual reviewers.

It was agreed to say that a normative section of charmod MUST NOT depend
on the IETF IRI draft which is not finished and is not yet stable.

ACTION 2002-05-17#2 jjc Update charmod comments doc in light of feedback and
resubmit for review by the WG.

9: Syntax Doc: serializing b-nodes
action:2002-04-26#11 bwm per DanBri request, add issue of serialization to
next meeting agenda

ACTION 2002-05-17#3 jjc Propose new text to describe serialization of b-nodes.

AOB:  June F2F

It was confirmed that the face to face will take place 17th/18th June at
HPLabs in Bristol.

It was decided that the main hotel will be the Holiday Inn next to HP.

ACTION 2002-05-17#4 bwm Set up web page for June f2f meeting

10: defining literal equality

It was agreed that we needed a more precise definition of the abstract
graph syntax of RDF.  There was some discussion of whether this should
be included in the RDF/XML syntax document or in the model theory
document.  It was decided to try it in the RDF/XML syntax document for
fit.  Pat suggested a definition based on triples would work well and
deal with some concerns raised by Massimo.

ACTION: 2002-05-17#5 jjc Draft text to describe the abstract graph syntax
                          for inclusion in the RDF/XML syntax doc.

Sergey's presence noted.

Sergey questions on status of Literals taken to email.

ACTION: 2002-05-17#6 Sergey Clarify questions on Literals by email.

11: daml:collection
ACTION:2002-05-03#7 danc summarise to the list the options for
collections, with the objections that've been raised
(or likelihood that "they'll fly")

Skipped since DanC not present.

12: Issue: rdfms-assertion
Feeback from Tim:
o agrees that context modifies interpretation
o suggests that appropriate words appear in mime-type document

Brian reported back on conversation at WWW 2002 in Hawaii with TimBL.  Pat 
noted we need to be careful with the use of the term "meaning".  In response
to the suggestion that we should include appropriate text in the mime-types
document, DaveB pointed out there had been a recent TAG decision on registering
mime types for W3C specifications.

ACTION: 2002-05-17#7 DaveB Investigate recent TAG decision on registering
                            mime types for W3C specifications and make a
                            recommendation to the WG

13: Issue: xml:base
Feedback from the URI group - thread starting
I will try to post a summary, but may not have time. I'd be real happy
if someone beat me to it.

Not reached.

Meeting Closed

There was after hours discussion of literals and tidyness.  It would be 
good if someone would summarise to the list.

Received on Monday, 20 May 2002 12:52:22 UTC