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Re: why S doesn't require double properties [was: Datatyping Summary V4]

From: Brian McBride <bwm@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2002 18:08:38 +0000
Message-Id: <>
To: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Cc: RDF core WG <w3c-rdfcore-wg@w3.org>
At 11:15 04/02/2002 -0600, Dan Connolly wrote:

>Yes, *if* one wants to use both idioms, one needs both sorts
>of properties.

That's my understanding and what the issue states, I think clearly.  Sergey 
- do you concur.


> > Issue B5: Storage Requirements
> > ===============================
> >
> > status: disputed.
> >
> > TDL requires significantly more storage to implement.
>Sergey got back on this one, no? Yup, and then so did Patrick.  So far as 
>I know the protagonists still disagree.

Sergey: does Patricks latest proposal for an implementation strategy for 
TDL cause you to withdraw this issue?

>In short: you may not need to store the whole string
>lots of times, but you do need to store some sort
>of distinct identity for each occurence of a string.

Yup, plus performance implications of extra joins etc.

>[my ride to the airport arrives...]

:(  Hope you had a good trip.

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