Minutes of telecon, 2002-08-09

Apologies to the WG for the lateness of these.

Agenda of meeting:


Roll call:

Present -
  Dave Beckett
  Dan Brickley
  Ron Daniel
  Mike Dean
  Jos De Roo
  Jan Grant (tardy scribe)
  Pat Hayes
  Frank Manola
  Brian McBride
  Sergey Melnik
  Eric Miller (chair)
  Patrick Stickler

Regrets: Dan Connolly, Graham Klyne, Jeremy Carroll

Review minutes of previous telecon:
  These were APPROVED.

Status of action items:

The following action items were also closed:

ACTION 2002-08-02#1, GK:  make agreed changes to new doc and notify EM


Scribe's note: this was a long discussion and took up the remainder of
the telecon. I'll attempt to provide the (unbiased, I hope) gist here.
Note the discussion carried on immediately following the telecon by
email. The details are in the transcript.

Nobody present had much of an objection to the "typed literal" proposal,
as it stood.

Patrick Stickler was keen to point out that this was "local typing"
only, that it did not address the issue of literal tidyness (although
Dan C has since argued that it does, indeed, offer such a viewpoint).

It also meant that long-range typing, that is the "global implicit"
idiom was not supported, and that long-range typing was either
impossible or had to be syntactic in nature.

The remainder of the discussion centred around -

1. member opinions about the necessity of the global implicit idiom
(unanswered: what does DC want to do? What about CC/PP?) and whether or
not it was possible to support "syntactic" long-range typing, and/or
reasonable to require all literals in a serialisation to appear with
their corresponding types.

2. whether to "seed" the RDF proposals with particular specific
datatypes, and what those might be.

Dave Beckett expressed concern about 11th-hour changes to the syntax

There appeared to be more agreement regarding this proposal amongst WG
members than might at first be expected.

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