Re: Call for Agenda Items for this weeks telecon (datatype straw poll?)

Brian McBride wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Please can I have suggestions for agenda items for this weeks telecon.

> Review Datatypes document

I suggest a staw poll on datatypes:

prefer: X/P/S/DC
can live with: X/P/S/DC
cannot live with: X/P/S/DC
don't understand: X/P/S/DC

where X/P/S/DC are as per

  DATATYPES: mental dump.
  From: Pat Hayes (
  Date: Fri, Nov 09 2001

(actually, I prefer S and I'm happy to leave DC out of the straw poll.)

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Wednesday, 14 November 2001 13:50:26 UTC