Followup on rdf-ns-prefix-confusion

My apologies for missing the Apr 27 meeting.  I scanned the IRC
log and I have a question about what the WG decided wrt the
rdf-ns-prefix-confusion issue:


My input for the this issue was given in:


and it contains:

   1. The grammar in section 6. of the M&S spec:

    should be changed so that all of the RDF attributes (e.g. about,
    resource, etc.) are qualified with a RDF namespace.

In the meeting log:


it says:
  RESOLVED:  strongly recommend namespace qualified attributes, allow but strongly deprecate unqualified attributes

Does this mean that instead of changing the grammar as recommended 
in 1. in [2], that some text like that which is found in the IRC
log (RESOLVED: strongly ...) will be added to the spec?

Also, wrt process, will the IRC logs serve as the WG's minutes?



Received on Monday, 30 April 2001 04:20:17 UTC