interoperability efforts?

Is there any ongoing efforts among DSig implementers to
participate in interoperability tests? We have a full DSig
implementation and we'd like to see how it stacks up. (If
you want to try our toolkit, email me for a URL to download 

I searched both the archives of this list, and the W3C member
pages, and found nothing mentioning interop (except an IETF 
meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June/July, 2000).

If there is no interop going on, I'd propose we start one. 
Any ideas how to do it 'properly'? 
Hans Granqvist, Verisign XML Web Services, +1 650 429-5369, GMT-8 

PS. Can the QA workshop [1] (which mentions conformance testing)
and its members be part of this?


Received on Thursday, 8 March 2001 14:32:45 UTC