<Q> XMLDSig and forms...


In section 3.4 of the XML-Signature requirements document
titled "Coordination" it is mentioned

1. The XML Signature specification SHOULD meet the requirements
   of the following applications:
   3. At least one forms application [XFA,XFDL]

As far as I understand neither XFA nor XFDL are W3C recommendations.
In addition the forms vendors in this space iLumin, PureEdge, JetForms
have NOT made any explicit and specific statements about their support
for XMLDigital Signature CR on their websites / product brochures.

So why should the XML signature requirements make statements such as
the one above.

What is the XML Digital Signature WG's view point about the XForms 1.0
cf. http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/Forms/ ? Why is XForms (which is a W3C WD)
not a SHOULD be supported in the XML Signature requirements document ?

Thanks for your time.

best regards
XMLDSig Dev.

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Received on Thursday, 8 March 2001 05:16:06 UTC