empty KeyInfo, etc.


I have one express dislike and a few trivial clarity concerns with
some of our schema defs, all related to the use of minOccurs and

These comments are based on the standingless

4.4 KeyInfo

<complexType name="KeyInfoType" mixed="true">
  <choice maxOccurs="unbounded">     
    <element name="KeyName" type="string"/> 
    <any ... namespace="##other" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/> 
This permits an empty KeyInfo (if you have 0 elements from
##other). It seems to me that if we took minOccurs=0 and
maxOccurs=unb away from the any, then the unlimit on the
choice would permit exactly what we want to express: 1 or
more elements among our permitted types and those of others.

This is consistent with the new X509DataType, etc.

Other issues:

4.3.2 SignatureMethodType

The minOccurs=0/maxOccurs=1 on the sequence are redundant. TransformType

The maxOccurs=unb on the choice is redundant or in error?
It suggests that multiple XSLT or XPath elements are valid.

4.4.6 SPKIData

The maxOccurs=unb on the outer sequence allows multiple
SPKISexp elements, which I don't believe is the intention.
I think instead the any should get that maxOccurs.

4.5/5.1 Object/Manifest

ObjectType has sequence+[any], where ManifestType has
sequence[any+]; I think the latter is more consistent with
the rest of the doc.

5.2 SignatureProperties

SignatureProperType has choice*[any*]; one of the * is


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