XML-signature & Canonical XML implementations?

I have looked at these pages..

  XML-Signature Interoperability

  Canonical XML Implementation and Interoperability Report

..and know where'n'how to get the IBM XML Security Suite (which is impl'd in 
Java it appears).

My question is whether or not the other cited implementations (Done360, IAIK, 
Baltimore) are available, whether anyone has any experience with them, etc. It 
looks like one needs to drop Baltimore a note in order to find out more. I 
couldn't easily find anything about Done360's impl on their web pages, and 
couldn't find any webpages for IAIK (but admittedly didn't look hard).

AND, I'm curious about whether there are any other implementations floating 
about out there (i.e. other than the four mentioned above) that folks are 
aware of. For instance, has anyone impl'd this stuff in C++? Has the 
opensource community not gotten cranked up on this stuff yet?



Received on Thursday, 1 March 2001 20:17:07 UTC