Specifications' Status and Tweaked Schema

I've been giving some thought to the XML Encryption schema and how to 
leverage as much as xmldsig as possible. Since the last CR we altered the 
definitions to ensure our types had names so other WGs could create elements 
of those types (enc:KeyInfo is of type dsig:KeyInfoType). However, in the 
process I also removed some of the element types from the "global" level, 
which makes it difficult for folks to incorporate the elements directly. 
<enc:EncryptedData><dsig:KeyInfo/></enc:EncryptedData>. I've had a go at 
tweaking the schema again to ensure most all elements are global *and* most 
types are name and global as well. This file is attached.

In terms of STATUS:

C14N: Proposed REC period has ended and REC is the next step. We are 
awaiting the resolution from the Unicode/NFC reference given a bug was 
recently found in Unicode 3.0; it will be fixed by adding U+FB1D, HEBREW 
LETTER YOD WITH HIRIQ, to the composition exclusion table. Once we have a 
reference to this corrigendum we can move forward. I believe 
draft-ietf-xmldsig-canonical-01.txt was approved as an Informational RFC and 
hopefully we can tweak the reference prior to its publication.

Core: We haven't made any changes that substantively affect the syntax or 
processing, just a lot of clarification and improvement over the prose, 
structures, and schema/DTD design. I'd like to include the changes 
[attached] and publish a new Candidate REC within the month, also if a new 
schema draft is published within that time I'll incorporate any changes that 
requires. (These schema changes don't affect the syntax, just how it is 
specified and re-used.) draft-ietf-xmldsig-core-11 was approved for Proposed 
Standard in ~November (though it hasn't been published yet) and we're still 
in that holding period. I expect within the month we'll publish a new 
Candidate REC and ietf-draft, then a month later the Proposed REC on the W3C 
Track, and finally a REC and Draft Standard in May/June.

Don and I are working on an update to the charter to reflect these changes.
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