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At 11:33 2/2/2001 +0900, TAMURA Kent wrote:
>So, we should add a sentence like "The resultant octet stream
>MUST be an XML instance of that the root element is FooData If
>the KeyInfo type is not ...#rawX509Certificate."

Ok, text now reads as below, does this caputre it correctly?

>Type is an optional identifier for the type of data to be retrieved. The 
>result of dereferencing a RetrievalMethod Reference for all KeyInfo types 
>defined by this specification (section 4.4) with a corresponding XML 
>structure is an XML element or document with that element as the root. The 
>rawX509Certificate KeyInfo (for which there is no XML structure) returns a 
>binary X509 certificate. Note, if the result of dereferencing and 
>transforming the specified URI  is a node set,  it may need to be 
>canonicalized. Consequently the Signature application is expected to 
>attempt to canonicalize the nodeset via the The Reference Processing Model 

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