Comments for PR-xml-c14n-20010119

Congratulations on your Proposed Recommendation [1]. It looks nice.
I thank you for your patience with typo reports.

From Last Call comments [2]:

"...example 3.3 was not changed to use because
     there is no technical fault in the example, so it did not seem
     prudent to throw off implementation tests at this time."

Are those tests still taking place? I'd like to encourage use of,, and and RFC 2606 if possible.

Also, perhaps to state the obvious, two references changed:

CharMod editors now appear to be Martin J. Dürst, François Yergeau,
Misha Wolf, Asmus Freytag and Tex Texin.

Infoset lists two editors, John Cowan and Richard Tobin.

Also in References:

Cowan needs a period after 2000, before the URI.

XPath has an extra comma after the title.


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