Re: The changing DSIG name space

> As Don pointed out, we change the namespace when we've made a substantive
> change to the specification -- rather than clarification. Also, as we get
> more mature one would hope the specification and namespace doesn't have to
> change as often

This is an important point that's not explicitly addressed.

Namespaces let us change the spec at any moment, but that doesn't mean
we should.  Changes (even if fixes) should be limited to a coarse
granularity, like a two-four times per year. Otherwise folks will be
tempted to use a wildcard like Don suggested and that could have real
bad effects.  This 'slushifying' of the namespace (not a complete
freeze) should probably happen as soon as the recommendation gets final

Received on Friday, 19 January 2001 08:32:45 UTC