Tentative Agenda for Adelaide

We will be meeting from 1pm to 3pm Monday afternoon, March 27th, in Room 10
of the convention center.

The tentative Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

1300	10 min	Agenda Bashing
1310	10 min	WG/Document Status
1320	15 min	XML encoded SPKI certificates, Juha Paarjavi
1335	20 min	Demo of IBM XMLDSIG, XML element-wise encryption, and
ASN.1<->XML code
1355	20 min	Scenarios and Interoperability Test Cases
1315	30 min	Discussion of Last Call comments on main Syntax and
Processing Document
1445	10 min	Future Teleconferences and the Face to Face Meeting April

Received on Friday, 17 March 2000 16:45:28 UTC