CalDAV draft Informal Last-Call

We submitted CalDAV draft -10 to the IETF yesterday. The draft has
not been officially announced yet, but it is already available for
you to review at the following URL:

We would like to submit the CalDAV draft for Last Call in time for
the 65th IETF Meeting in Dallas (i.e., really soon!). Before we do
so, we would like to get as much feedback as possible from the
participants of the "ietf-caldav" mailing list as well as from the
members of the WebDAV and Calsify Working Groups.

Once officially announced the draft should be available at:

Previous versions of the draft are available at:

Discussion on CalDAV is taking place on the "ietf-caldav" mailing list:

which is archived at:

Reports on the 4 CalDAV Interoperability Events organized by the
Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium (CalConnect) can be found at:

Finally, additional information on CalDAV can also be found at:

Please review draft -10 and send us feedback/questions/comments.

Thanks for you help!



C.1.  Changes in -10

    a.  Added new section about support for X- items when storing data.

    b.  Added new precondition to allow servers to reject queries on
        unsupported X- items, and a new example.

    c.  Added new text about always supporting X- in calendar-data.

    d.  Created new section for PUT, COPY and MOVE preconditions.

    e.  Report examples re-done with full listing of calendar data in

    f.  Removed description of using UID, SUMMARY etc as resource name.

    g.  Indicate that calendar object resource may contain only
        overridden components.

    h.  Add security consideration about not expose details in resource

    i.  Add constraint that free-busy-query can only be run on a

    j.  Add preconditions for calendar-timezone property/elements in
        MKCALENDAR, PROPPATCH and calendar-query REPORT.

    k.  Fix principal-match example.

Received on Thursday, 23 February 2006 03:09:11 UTC