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Re: REBIND example (was Re: Locks and loopback bindings)

From: Geoffrey M Clemm <geoffrey.clemm@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 22:36:42 -0500
To: "'WebDAV \(WebDAV WG\)'" <w3c-dist-auth@w3.org>
Message-ID: <OF58388491.F4807275-ON85256F62.00122FD5-85256F62.0013D6B9@us.ibm.com>
Jim wrote on 12/03/2004 03:21:59 PM:

> > I guess this explains the confusion. The operation that 
> > you're showing here keeps the binding name (CollZ), but 
> > changes the resource to which it refers (from C1 to C2). This 
> > is neither a MOVE nor a REBIND operation.

Actually, it is a REBIND operation, but in the opposite direction.

> Ah! Thanks for figuring this out. So, REBIND really moves the head of 
> binding from one place to another. I was assuming it moved the tail from 
> place to another.

Hmmm.  That's an even more obscure way of saying it (:-).

You were doing:
  BIND source-collection <source-segment, destination-URI>
which is what the spec was incorrectly updated to say, while Julian was 
  BIND destination-collection <destination-segment, source-URI>
which is what the spec originally was intended to say (to be like BIND).

> I'll have to rethink the desired example.


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