Charter update: remove property registry task?

I'd like to find out if there is consensus on removing the "property 
registry" task from the WebDAV WG charter.

We've attempted to discuss this at various WG meetings, and we've never 
made any clear progress in defining the task -- so we don't even know 
whether this would be an Internet-Draft that could become an RFC, 
possibly defining an IANA process, or whether this would be a site or 
non-IANA process of some kind.  We also have never had a volunteer so 
we've never had anybody working on this item.  Perhaps nobody's ever 
found it to be really necessary.

Note that even if it's removed from the charter, progress can still be 
made if somebody finds the motivation.  For example, a property 
registry site could be developed with feedback from the Working Group, 
even if it's not a WG deliverable.

If we don't remove it from the charter, then we need volunteers ASAP to 
work on that item, and clear ideas what the WG deliverable really is.  
Please weigh in.


Received on Tuesday, 23 March 2004 14:39:23 UTC