Re: ID: draft-ietf-webdav-bind-05

Ted Hardie wrote:

> Julian,
>     I didn't say "dav:" was a URI, I said it was a URI

I know you didn't say that. I just wanted to point out, that, in order 
to be a legal namespace name, "DAV:" would *need* to be a legal URI. 
Unfortunately it isn't.

> _scheme_; see the URI scheme assignments maintained by
> IANA I referenced below.  The namespaces used in the bind
> draft fall into the DAV: uri scheme if you require
> they begin "dav:".

But the BIND spec isn't defining any new namespaces, and the only XML 
namespace is uses is just the one named "DAV:" (defined in RFC2518).

Best regards, Julian

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Received on Wednesday, 23 June 2004 14:31:54 UTC