Re: Re (2): Status of RFC2518Bis

Jim Luther wrote:

> Who needs locking? Apple's Mac OS X WebDAV file system client needs it. 
> Whenever a file (a non-collection resource on the WebDAV server) is 
> opened with write access, the WebDAV file system obtains a lock. The 
> lock is held until the file is closed. If a WebDAV server does not 
> support locks (i.e., it is not class 2 compliant), the WebDAV file 
> system mounts it read-only.

Yes. Many applications need locking, and most servers provide it. 
However, it is optional right now, and will have to remain so.

So what's the best way to come up with an updated/upgraded locking spec, 
if we can't wait for RFC2518bis?

Discussion started back here: 
More feedback appreciated.

Regards, Julian

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