Status of RFC2518Bis (Was Re: Remaining issues with the bind draft -- process)

What's been holding up RFC2518bis is lack of clear consensus -- or a  
reliable way of determining it -- on several issues.  When we're ready,  
we can reintroduce discussion on those issues and see if now there is a  
clear consensus or a way to determine one.

The most high-level issue is whether RFC2518bis is intended to be a  
proposed standard or a draft standard.  I believe this issue is implied  
by the proposal to remove locking from RFC2518 -- a change that big,  
even though it's a feature removal, may require recycling at proposed  


On Apr 6, 2004, at 8:16 AM, Julian Reschke wrote:

> Jason Crawford wrote:
>> A new LOCKING document?  I'm not sure.  Admittedly LOCK'ing has been  
>> a problem for a long time.   Tossing out lock-null resources was a  
>> big help.   Is locking holding up 2518bis?  Does creating a new  
>> document help?   Let's hear the pros and cons of having a separate  
>> document for locking?
> We talked about that in January  
> (< 
> 0030.html>).
> Primarily, it reduces the complexity of RFC2518bis, and allows us to  
> both clarify and enhance locking without getting problems with  
> RFC2518bis advancing in the standards ladder.
> And yes, what's holding up 2518bis? The last draft was posted almost  
> six months ago, to which I replied with a long list of issues. There  
> was almost no feedback.
> Regards, Julian
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