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RE: Relationship of WEBDAV to IETF and W3C

From: Yaron Goland <yarong@microsoft.com>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:34:33 -0800
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To: "'Ralph R. Swick'" <swick@www10.w3.org>, "'w3c-dist-auth@www10.w3.org'" <w3c-dist-auth@www10.w3.org>
It should be pointed out that WebDAV is proposing NO changes to HTML.
What WebDAV is doing is making itself dependent on Web Collections, a
W3C initiative, which DOES propose HTML changes.

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>From:	Ralph R. Swick [SMTP:swick@www10.w3.org]
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>Subject:	Re: Relationship of WEBDAV to IETF and W3C
>Thanks for a good summary, Jim--and the chance to introduce myself.
>>   the W3C has recently hired
>> Ralph Swick, formerly of the X Consortium, and he is now the official
>> WEBDAV liason with the W3C.  It is expected that once he finishes immediate
>> work on privacy and demographics he will be able concentrate his time on
>> Web collaboration work, such as WEBDAV.
>"once he finishes" is overly optimistic :-)
>Actually, I'll be dividing my time between the privacy work and
>metadata work.  My relationship with WEBDAV, which over time can't
>consume more than half of me, is initially focussed on understanding
>the common needs for metadata across several application domains.
>>I would like to recommend that WEBDAV adopt the following policy towards
>>the relationship between WEBDAV, the IETF, and the W3C (thanks to Larry
>>Masinter for initially suggesting it):
>>The IETF will sponsor, and W3C will assist and facilitate the WEBDAV group.
>>The WEBDAV group will follow all IETF rules and procedures, but will be
>>able to, as appropriate, hand copies of documents to the W3C for
>>publication at the appropriate level within the W3C (either a working
>>draft, proposed recommendation, or recommendation). The WEBDAV group will
>>also be able to receive technical review and guidance from W3C staff, and
>>will continue the current close relationship between WEBDAV and the W3C.
>The W3C is comfortable with this proposed procedure.  My role will
>be both as a technical contributor as much as feasible and also as a
>facilitator to recommend on a case-by-case basis the most appropriate
>mechanism by which to publish works through the W3C.
>Fabio Vitali wrote:
>>  I understand what advantages
>> we would be able to keep of W3C even if we stay out of it. What I DON'T
>> understand is exactly what we lose by staying out of W3C.
>One area of likely overlap is HTML specification changes.  As the IETF
>has discontinued its working group in deference to the W3C, WEBDAV
>will have to coordinate closely in at least this one particular area.
>WEBDAV cannot unilaterally make changes in HTML.  We know that some
>changes are desirable; I can serve as liaison for "small" changes
>if appropriate (e.g. META within A) but larger changes will have to
>go through the full W3C HTML Working Group process just as any other
>change request.
>Until yesterday morning I had thought that a scheduling conflict would
>prevent me from attending the Irvine meeting next week.  I'm happy
>to say that we've been able to revise plans and I will be with you
>on both Monday and Tuesday.  Please realize that while I do have a
>strong background in Web applications and protocols--and a long-standing
>participation the CSCW community--I'm still very wet behind the ears
>on specifics of the W3C and recent work both within W3C and elsewhere
>on the issues you are addressing.  I have a lot more reading of archives
>and working documents to finish before I'll feel fully comfortable
>contributing to the discussions.  I hope that it won't take me too
>long to come up to speed.
>I look forward to meeting you all next week.
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