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Re: Relationship of WEBDAV to IETF and W3C

From: Ralph R. Swick <swick@www10.w3.org>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 10:03:45 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-dist-auth@www10.w3.org
Thanks for a good summary, Jim--and the chance to introduce myself.

>   the W3C has recently hired
> Ralph Swick, formerly of the X Consortium, and he is now the official
> WEBDAV liason with the W3C.  It is expected that once he finishes immediate
> work on privacy and demographics he will be able concentrate his time on
> Web collaboration work, such as WEBDAV.

"once he finishes" is overly optimistic :-)

Actually, I'll be dividing my time between the privacy work and
metadata work.  My relationship with WEBDAV, which over time can't
consume more than half of me, is initially focussed on understanding
the common needs for metadata across several application domains.

>I would like to recommend that WEBDAV adopt the following policy towards
>the relationship between WEBDAV, the IETF, and the W3C (thanks to Larry
>Masinter for initially suggesting it):
>The IETF will sponsor, and W3C will assist and facilitate the WEBDAV group.
>The WEBDAV group will follow all IETF rules and procedures, but will be
>able to, as appropriate, hand copies of documents to the W3C for
>publication at the appropriate level within the W3C (either a working
>draft, proposed recommendation, or recommendation). The WEBDAV group will
>also be able to receive technical review and guidance from W3C staff, and
>will continue the current close relationship between WEBDAV and the W3C.

The W3C is comfortable with this proposed procedure.  My role will
be both as a technical contributor as much as feasible and also as a
facilitator to recommend on a case-by-case basis the most appropriate
mechanism by which to publish works through the W3C.

Fabio Vitali wrote:
>  I understand what advantages
> we would be able to keep of W3C even if we stay out of it. What I DON'T
> understand is exactly what we lose by staying out of W3C.

One area of likely overlap is HTML specification changes.  As the IETF
has discontinued its working group in deference to the W3C, WEBDAV
will have to coordinate closely in at least this one particular area.
WEBDAV cannot unilaterally make changes in HTML.  We know that some
changes are desirable; I can serve as liaison for "small" changes
if appropriate (e.g. META within A) but larger changes will have to
go through the full W3C HTML Working Group process just as any other
change request.

Until yesterday morning I had thought that a scheduling conflict would
prevent me from attending the Irvine meeting next week.  I'm happy
to say that we've been able to revise plans and I will be with you
on both Monday and Tuesday.  Please realize that while I do have a
strong background in Web applications and protocols--and a long-standing
participation the CSCW community--I'm still very wet behind the ears
on specifics of the W3C and recent work both within W3C and elsewhere
on the issues you are addressing.  I have a lot more reading of archives
and working documents to finish before I'll feel fully comfortable
contributing to the discussions.  I hope that it won't take me too
long to come up to speed.

I look forward to meeting you all next week.

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