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W3C Weekly News - 22 September 2006

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                            W3C Weekly News

                   17 September - 22 September 2006

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Mobile Web in Developing Countries: Call for Participation

  Position papers are due 1 November for the Workshop on the Mobile Web
  in Developing Countries to be held 5-6 December in Bangalore, India.
  Jataayu Software hosts. Participants will discuss mobile Web access
  within developing countries in terms of needs, blocking factors and
  potential uses. "We must ensure that the Web is designed to meet the
  needs of sparser populations and of those whose only access to the Web
  may be on their phone," said Tim Berners-Lee (W3C). Sponsorships are
  available to enable participation by those who might not otherwise be
  able to attend due to travel or other costs. Read the press release,
  about W3C Workshops and about the Mobile Web Initiative.


Ralph Swick Named Acting Technology and Society Domain Leader

  W3C has named Ralph Swick Acting Technology and Society Domain Leader
  directing the privacy, security and Semantic Web Activities. Ralph has
  served as T&S Technical Director since 1997 and will continue those
  responsibilities as well. Ralph came to W3C from technical direction
  and architecture for the X Window System, and from Digital and MIT
  Project Athena where he engineered information filtering and
  computer-supported collaboration software. Ralph is standing in as
  Domain Leader for Daniel J. Weitzner, who will turn most of his
  attention for nine months to Web privacy research at MIT/CSAIL. Read
  about T&S, W3C's work at the intersection of Web technology and public
  policy, and about W3C.


Paged Media, Values and Units: CSS3 Working Drafts

  The CSS Working Group has released two updated Working Drafts for
  Cascading Style Sheets Level 3 (CSS3). "Generated Content for Paged
  Media" describes features such as cross-references, footnotes, headers
  and footers often used in printed publications. "Values and Units"
  explains specified, computed, and actual values and defines common
  values and units in one specification which can be referred to by other
  CSS3 modules. Visit the CSS home page.


IETF Publishes New Language Tag Specifications

  The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has published two new
  specifications for language tags. "RFC 4646: Tags for the
  Identification of Languages" replaces RFC 3066 and, with the new IANA
  Language Subtag Registry, extends language tag syntax to address a
  number of long-standing issues. The separate "RFC 4647: Matching of
  Language Tags" addresses how to match the new tags. The W3C I18n GEO
  Working Group provides a gentle introduction to the new syntax.
  Visit the Internationalization home page.


Register for the XML Access Languages Conference, Oxford, UK

  The W3C Office for the UK and Ireland in conjunction with XML UK
  holds the XML Access Languages conference on 26 September at the CCLRC
  Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, UK. Mark Birbeck, Michael
  Kay, Brian Matthews, Liam Quin, Andy Seaborne, Jeni Tennison, Chris
  Wallace, and Michael Wilson present the latest advances in XSLT,
  XQuery, and other XML technologies. All registrations must be received
  by 17:00 UTC on 22 September. Visit the XML home page.


Upcoming W3C Talks

    * Karl Dubost and Daniel Glazman present at Paris Web on
      22 September in Paris, France.
    * Molly E. Holzschlag and Andy Clarke give a tutorial at
      Web Directions on 26 September in Sydney, Australia.
    * José Manuel Alonso participates in a panel at III Simposio
      Pluridisciplinar sobre Objetos y Diseños de Aprendizaje
      Apoyados en la Tecnología (od@06) on 26 September in Oviedo,
    * Liam Quin presents and Michael Wilson runs the W3C booth at
      XML Access Languages on 26 September at the Rutherford
      Appleton Laboratory, Oxfordshire, UK.
    * On behalf of the W3C Germany and Austria Office, Klaus
      Birkenbihl and Ivan Herman present at XML-Tage on 27
      September in Berlin, Germany.
    * On behalf of the W3C Spain Office, Richard Ishida gives
      a keynote at Fundamentos Web 2006 on 3 October in Oviedo,
      Asturias, Spain.
    * Molly E. Holzschlag and Andy Clarke give a tutorial at
      Carson Workshops: CSS for Developers on 19 October in
      London, UK.
    * Richard Ishida gives a keynote at LRC XI on 26 October in
      Dublin, Ireland.

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   an RSS channel.


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