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31.07.2011 11:38, John Cowan wrote:
> Mykyta Yevstifeyev scripsit:
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>> Appendix A of the document.  (The link to HTML version:
> It's inappropriate to say that the client SHALL request a password
> from the user if none is supplied and the server demands one (and
> likewise for accounts).  The client must be free to fail under such
> circumstances, as it may be a robot or otherwise not have a user
> available.  Likewise with SHALL notify the user, etc.  These should be
> changed to MAYs or SHOULDs.

I think such occurrences of SHALL will be replaced with SHOULD or 
non-normative "should".  (I don't think 'ftp' URIs will be used with 
applications that have no UI; so I don't see reasons to assume they will 
be used in such way.  But, anyway, your comment regarding SHALL is 

> Editorial notes:  Lots of people don't know what "ibidem" means, or even
> its standard abbreviation "ibid".  I suggest changing the first instance
> to "in RFC 959", the second instance to "below", and the third instance
> to "in the<cwd>".

I'll make the following corrections: 1st instance - "in RFC 959" (as 
currently), 2nd one - "in the same document", 3rd one (I guess this is 
regarding ASCII) - "in RFC 959".

> Note error "internalization" for "internationalization", "internalized"
> for "internationalized", etc.

Fixed now.

> Note persistent typo "" for "".

ACK.  Thanks for reading the document.  Mykyta


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