Re: I-D Action: draft-gregorio-uritemplate-05.txt

On Jul 12, 2011, at 12:58 PM, Marc Portier wrote:

> Hi Roy,
> Haven't got the time yet to update the js implementation, but wanted to already give some feedback on a first read...
> [general]
> It surely gives a simplified and more natural first impression then previous iteration.  But I should probably get into the implementation details before re-asserting that.
> [section 1.2]
> * The Level 2 examples already use {x}, so I guess you should add it in the section of defined variables:   x := "1024"

I've changed the example to use var instead.

> * The Level 3 examples contain a glitch I think:
> {+path,x}/here   should expand to /foo/bar1024/here
>                          and not /foo/bar/1024/here


> * The Level 4 examples all expand {keys} to a bigger structural content then provided in the variable-definition section
> I suppose it should be keys := [("semi", ";"),("dot","."),("comma","'")]
> (comma is not in the definition, but it is in all expansions)

Oops, thanks.

> [section 3.2.4]
> * samples are not using the .-dot-prefix label expansion, but the simple string expansion
> [section 3.2.5]
> * similar: samples are not using the /-slash-prefix path expansion

More paste-o's.  Fixed.

> And one comment of a less serious nature:
> [section 1]
> *  somehow
> makes more sense then

Huh, I could have sworn that I already did that last year.
I even remember looking it up.  Thanks for the careful read,


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