Re: fb: URIs?

On 17.02.2010 18:07, Eran Hammer-Lahav wrote:
> This goes beyond Facebook and the iPhone. Pretty much every operating system at this point uses URI schemes as handles/hooks for invoking applications for handling them. This was done in Windows for a decade so Apple didn't invent anything new.

That's fine.

What's problematic is if this is the only way to interact between 

> Minting new URI schemes is very difficult. The process provides an easy excuse to simply ignore it. I am not suggesting that people should, but they clearly are (take a look at the list of unregistered schemes - it's LONG). There was long debate on minting an application URI scheme just for this (such as app:fb:something), but I don't think it went far.
> ....

Later on:
> And put it in the registry no one reads? If you want to stop people from abusing the system, you need to either fix the system or accommodate their use case (i.e. work with them, not against them).

What exactly is broken with the system?

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