fb: URIs?

I just noticed that the iPhone Facebook app, when you enable its 
recently-added feature to sync your Facebook friends with your iPhone 
contacts, inserts URIs for each person of the form:


When you click on such a URI from the iPhone contact section, it 
brings up the person's Facebook info via the Facebook app.

I presume this is a nonstandard, unregistered URI scheme; has any 
attempt been made to register it?

It also appears to abuse the double slash, since what follows doesn't 
seem to be any sort of "authority".

When the contacts are further synced to other programs and systems (I 
have mine automatically syncing in quite a few directions to various 
things both on my PC and on the net), you end up with nonfunctional 
links in most of the places, as no programs that I know of outside 
the iPhone support this scheme; the "use HTTP for everything" crowd 
sometimes has a point.

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Received on Monday, 15 February 2010 12:38:41 UTC