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I am working on two drafts (XRD in OASIS, draft-hammer-discovery in IETF) which make use of URI templates. Assuming this proposal will not be published as an RFC within 6 months, these drafts will need to define their own syntax. The current proposed syntax in XRD is extremely limited, and only includes simple variable substitution (no lists or arrays) and a single operator ('%') to require encoding of reserved characters.

Any reason why the reserved substitution operator is '+' and not '%' (as in percent-encoded)?

I want to explicitly design it to be a compatible subset of the work being proposed here to allow libraries written for this proposal to process the more limited XRD template syntax as well. The only thing I need to accomplish that is to make sure the encoding operator is the same (which right now means changing my proposal to use '+' instead of '%').

Any advice on how to deal with the different timelines for these specs?


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> > Has there been any progress on URI Templates since the last flurry of
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> I actually did a lot of work on it just prior to the IETF
> deadline, but failed to make it far enough for a new draft
> before needing to switch back to httpbis.  You can see it
> in the work area:
> draft-gregorio-uritemplate.xml
> I will swap back in soon,
> ....Roy

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