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Re: draft-duerst-mailto-bis-06: Detailed review of '@' and '+'

From: Michael A. Puls II <shadow2531@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 11:05:50 -0400
To: uri@w3.org
Message-Id: <20090314110550.3885d0dd.shadow2531@gmail.com>
On Wed, 11 Mar 2009 19:51:43 -0400
"Michael A. Puls II" <shadow2531@gmail.com> wrote:

> I realize the following is malformed and invalid abnf, but I wish the spec showed *something* like this.

Actually, I think something like this example would be better:

Take it for what it's worth, but I love the more direct, wham bam thank you ma'am, "here's what you can and can't do and here's how you do it" theme.

But, the main point of that example is there's a list of characters that you don't need to encode and everything else you need to. That list is *so* helpful.

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