Re: IDNA and IRI document way forward

Erik van der Poel scripsit:

> There are a couple of new terms in this document: Legacy Extended IRIs
> (LEIRIs) and Hypertext References. The difference between LEIRIs and
> IRIs appears to be whether or not you %-escape certain characters,
> such as Space and Unicode Private Use characters. However, Space is an
> ASCII character, so one would expect this to be more related to URIs,
> which begs the question of why we don't have the term LEURI as well.

No need for it.  "LEIRI" is a new name for something that's been around
since the First Edition of XML 1.0.  Until now, the numerous W3C and
non-W3C specs have referred to one another to define it, and it's never
had a name of its own.  This has caused uncertainty in definition and
pointless dependencies.  In any case, nobody proposes using non-IRI
LEIRIs for anything; it's just that they are a physical possibility
in various places within XML, and getting the definition standardized
and in one place will enable a lot of standards rectification.

John Cowan
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