Re: URI for abstract concepts (domain, host, origin, site, etc.)


Xiaoshu Wang wrote:
> In other words, the URN is an HTTP-URL sans "http:"
> There are several advantages of this.  Although an HTTP-URL can be taken 
> as a URN as well as a URI.  But this dual mode makes people very 
> uncomfortable.  This scheme-less URN helps easy the issue.

i am nor sure i understand this. URNs were intended to denote things 
that have no clearly defined way of retrieval, but the notion that 
locators and names are two entirely different things never was really 
true, which is probably the reason why the whole URN thing did not 
happen. but by using domain names in what you call "URNs", you put quite 
a bit of internet-specificity into what should be an abstract naming 
scheme. how would you, for example, in that approach map ISBN numbers to 
your proposed URN structure?



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