RE: [whatwg] Proposing URI Templates for WebForms 2.0

Mark Nottingham>>Sorry, but no. Each of those, as Ian says, can be
implemented with a very simple server-side script. Yes, it's true that this
requires somebody to write the script...

How exact can it be implemented on the server when the person writing the
HTML form is in control of the server? THAT's the primary use case.

In the case of someone being in control of the server it then requires two
round-trips and from what I know is that too many people priorize
performance over everything else which means too many people simple won't
implement on their servers.

Mark Nottingham>> isn't a constituency for it beating down the door.

Me, Jerome and Paul are a constituency. :)

>> I don't (yet) hear people beating down Ian's door to include this, so it
makes me suspicious.

Do I need to start yelling louder?  :-)

Adding URI Templates to forms fills a large hole in the forms architecture;
This is very much a case of empowering serendipity as the current form
architecture current cannotly service the full range of URLs that can be
used.  I'm asking for (most of) that gap to be filled.

Mark Nottingham>> I'm not the person to ask that, but frankly if you want
the functionality, go ahead and write the software, publish the site,
release the browser plug-in; the standards will follow if the minds do.

That's a non-sequitur; that's like telling me to build a natural-gas powered
car and expect that people will buy it when in fact there are not enough
natural-gas stations available. Your suggestion that the solution is to
write a browser plug-in is about like suggesting I just pound sand although
it is a bit less insulting. :-)  

No one will use the syntax until enough people have the plugin, and nobody
will install the plugin unless enough people are using the syntax; it's a
catch-22. This type of thing is where standards are needed in advance.

-Mike Schinkel

Received on Saturday, 1 November 2008 09:17:11 UTC