Re: URIs for the standard output and input streams

Mike Schinkel wrote:
>> How wide is the convention that /dev/stdin is stdin?
>> Wide enough for the IETF to reserve file:/dev/stdin for 
>> standard input?
> Not sure if this matters, but a Windows machine doesn't have a clue what
> /dev/stdin means.



does in fact not conform with the file uri scheme specification; it 
should be written


It will likely work immediately with a range of Unices (the 0 line 

For some OSes (including some Unices), the implementation of the file: 
scheme would need modification.

A std: scheme with std:in, would not work in any OS, but a dispatcher 
written in a particular implementation language is likely to be very 
easy to port (e.g. simple recompile) from one OS to another, since the 
underlying concepts of stdin stdout and stderr are supported by most 
programming languages that might be used for writing such a dispatcher.


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