Re: draft-gregorio-uritemplate-03.txt

Editorial comments:

1.2: change the comma after "argument to an operator" to a semicolon

1.2: s/i.e/i.e./

1.3: add new second sentence like "In particular, it is not possible,
given a URI Template and a URI generated from it, to uniquely reconstruct
the values of the variables used."

4.1: s/comde/come/

4.3: s/language specific/language-specific/

4.4: s/set of variables/mapping from a set of variables to their values/

4.4: s/represenation/representation/

4.4: s/be percent encoded means/be percent-encoded means/

4.4: change comma after "by this specification" to a semicolon

4.4.1 et seqq: use "=" (equality) instead of ":=" (assignment)

4.4.4: s/only have one variable/have exactly one variable/

4.4.4: s/preceeded/preceded/ (twice)

4.4.7: s/listjoin/join/

Henry S. Thompson said, / "Syntactic, structural,               John Cowan
Value constraints we / Express on the fly."       
Simon St. Laurent: "Your / Incomprehensible
Abracadabralike / schemas must die!"

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