Re: URI Templates: { ^ prefix ^ variable [] separator | default }

Marc Hadley wrote:
> On Oct 23, 2007, at 1:14 AM, Manger, James H wrote:
>> The syntax is XML-friendly compared to Joe’s. Joe’s uses < > and &,
>> which require escaping in XML -- making templates more awkward to read
>> and write. < and > are already used as delimiters in HTTP headers,
>> particularly the proposed Link-Template header. There may not be a
>> clash if < and > only appear inside {…} within a template, but it adds
>> some confusion.
> IMO, this is an important consideration. I think its highly likely that
> templates will be embedded in XML documents and having to
> escape/unescape delimiters in templates will be a pain.

Yes, I already have this problem. But isn't it the case that a URI
template even with no variables at all might already suffer from this

In other words, isn't this a general issue of putting certain URIs (with
a query string containing &amp; for example) in XML documents?

But, indeed, perhaps the best that can be done is to limit the damage by
making an XML-friendly syntax for template variable names...

- John

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