Re: file: URIs without host

On Thu, 11 Oct 2007 01:44:18 +0100, Daniel R. Tobias <>  

> On 10 Oct 2007 at 20:45, Charles Lindsey wrote:
>> It is only the rare cases where you want to change scheme at the same  
>> time
>> as using a relative URL that the problem under discussion arises.
> What, exactly, would that be relative to?  If your original document
> is not being accessed as a "file:" URI, then you don't have a base
> path under that scheme from which to reference relative "file:" URIs.

Indeed, but it seemed that the OP was addressing the problem of certain  
file URLs that appeared to be allowed but to have no clear meaning. It  
seems I am misunderstanding the original problem, but it seemed to be  
related to file URLs (which presumably had been picked up from other  
documents, e.g. HTML documents) and which had no obvious Path to anchor  
them to. So I was trying to think of circumstances where such beasts might  
be expected to arise, and where a relative URL would not work for some  
reason. If no such circumstances exist, then the OP's problem does not  

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