Re: Updated URI Template proposal

One of the things I never made clear is that this proposal clears up
all the escaping issues and makes writing a parser very easy.
My working code uses the BNF to ensure that the BNF is correct, but
a simple implementation could get away with just splits, for example, in Python:

>>> "-op|arg|var1=def,var2=def2".split("|")
['-op', 'arg', 'var1=def,var2=def2']
>>> _[2].split(",")
['var1=def', 'var2=def2']
>>> [x.split("=") for x in _ if "=" in x]
[['var1', 'def'], ['var2', 'def2']]


On Nov 5, 2007 12:32 PM, Joe Gregorio <> wrote:
> Based on everyone's feedback I've updated my proposal
> and updated the URI Template explainer service to reflect that proposal.
> Expansions are now of the form:

Joe Gregorio

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