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On Wed, 2007-08-01 at 06:34 +0900, Karl Dubost wrote:
> Hi Danc,
> Is there a recent list of all possible IRIs (a test suite)?

I try to keep what I know about URI/IRI testing in

An IRI test suite is supposed to be in progress:

"The WG is soliciting implementation reports on this specification and
related technology. The WG plans to submit this specification for
consideration as a W3C Proposed Recommendation as soon as the following
conditions are met: 1) The document Internationalized Resource
Identifiers (IRIs) is published as an RFC in IETF Proposed Standard
status. 2) There is a test suite that tests the use of IRIs along at
least the following axes:"
   W3C Candidate Recommendation 22 November 2004

I have vague memories of status updates on that test suite,
but I can't find records quickly.

> Context:
> I wanted to test the module [urlparse of python][1]. The module  
> supports a set of URL schemes
> 	It supports the following URL schemes:
> 	file, ftp, gopher, hdl, http, https,
> 	imap, mailto, mms, news, nntp, prospero,
> 	rsync, rtsp, rtspu, sftp, shttp, sip,
> 	sips, snews, svn, svn+ssh, telnet, wais.
> Which is far to be the list [URI schemes of IANA][2]

see also

> The code source for [urlparse module in python][3] is accessible online.
> hmmm nice comment in the source code.
>      # XXX The stuff below is bogus in various ways...

I talked with Guido about that at one of the python conferences.
He seemed open to patches. That was years ago.

Since then, Tim and I did our own implementation in python,
with test cases:

I haven't managed to get back to the python community
about putting it in the standard library.

> [1]:
> [2]:
> [3]: 
> rev=43546&view=log
Dan Connolly, W3C

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