URI Reference creation

Hello again!

== Reference creation ==
For the inverse process of reference resolution,
e.g. making


out of

   URI:  http://example.com/some/abc
   BASE: http://example.com/some/

is there any algorithm description or pseudo-code
available? I didn't find any in RFC 3986.
I plan to implement this and want to be sure
to do it right. Is it just (1) normalize both URIs
and (2) cut off common prefix?

== Error in RFC 3986 section 6.2.3? ===
Section 6.2.3. Scheme-Based Normalization reads

  "(e.g., "mailto:Joe@Example.COM" is equivalent to
   "mailto:Joe@example.com", even though the generic
   syntax considers the path component to be case-
   sensitive)" .

Isn't ".COM" case-insensitive since it is part of the
host not path?


[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3986#section-6.2.3

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