Re: URI Templating Code?

Mike Schinkel wrote :
> Thanks. Sorry I wasn't more explicit. I was more looking for independent URI
> Template code libraries that could easily be found and downloaded without
> having to download a full framework and then do all the introspection to
> extract the URI Template specific code.
> Any chance you'd want to extract and offer a standalone library?  It might
> get you mindshare for RESTlet from those seeking just a URI Template
> library.

Actually, you only need the "/lib/org.restlet.jar" file from the 
distribution to use the org.restlet.util.Template class. It's just a 
163kb JAR file with no external dependency beyond Java 5 in this case.

It is able to do both parsing and formatting of URI templates, and to 
customize the definition of variables.


Received on Monday, 19 February 2007 07:41:16 UTC