RE: non-http uris

Erik Wilde wrote:
> maybe i have to adjust my understanding of web architecture, 
> but i am still very curious to see how the discussion about 
> geolocation uris will be received in the web community. 
> personally, i think the web would be better off to take these 
> resources as seriously as email addresses and phone numbers 
> and grant them a uri scheme of their own.

Since you believe so strongly in having a geoloc: scheme, why not create an
implementation that requires it and attempt to see it become widely
deployed/utilized?  If the web community does receive it well then you'll
almost certainly get 'official' recognition of your scheme because of its
wide deployment and because the arguments against cost of deployment will

After all, that's how many of the more useful standards emerge; someone
unilaterally makes them happen and then standards bodies corral them to help
ensure broader interoperability.

-Mike Schinkel 

Received on Saturday, 29 December 2007 01:16:54 UTC