Re: URIs & Namespaces

Sean Reilly scripsit:

> Say your GPS device has a built-in address book with an entry like the  
> following:
>  name: Sean Reilly
>  home-loc: loc:55.959123,-3.191657
>  home-addr: 48 London St, ...
> An http: URL in a situation like that would be useless.

Actually it would not.  You are assuming that there is nothing to do
with an http: URL except to attempt to GET (or POST, PUT, or DELETE) it.
On the contrary; it can also be used as a unique name in its own right.

If it is laid down, for example, that URIs of the form
",-3.191657" identify a particular
latitude and longitude by the owner of, then that is
authoritative, and there is not even a requirement on the owner to put
something useful at "", though it is considered
the best practice to do so.  (Note that the #... part is not sent to
the HTTP server.)

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