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I take this back.. allowing prefix and append to accept lists cannot
*completely* replace listjoin but it can come very close.

Here are the various list join examples I have in my test suite, along
with -prefix based alternatives (assuming we allow -prefix and -append
to allow list values{-listjoin|/|entry}{-prefix|/|entry}


The following templates, however, are only possible with listjoin...


In each of the cases where -prefix can be used, the template is either
as complex or less complex than the -listjoin alternative.

Bottom line: while the listjoin method is still necessary, there is
definite benefit and little cost to allowing prefix and append to work
with list values.

Another issue: can we please shorten "-listjoin" to just "-list", the
extra four characters aren't really needed.

- James

James M Snell wrote:
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>> ยง3.1: Values of variables should not be restricted. They should just be escaped when building the URI. The simplest model is to say each variable value is a list of (Unicode) strings. An empty list is treated as if the variable was undefined.
> I think I agree with this.  Defining every replacement value as a list
> does not cause any significant additional complexity and avoids having
> to treat each replacement separately.  I mentioned in another note that
> it can also be used to eliminate the listjoin operation completely.
>   a = ["1","2"]
>   b = ["3"]
>   c = ["4","5","6"]
>   d = ["7","8"]
>   e = ["9"]
>   f = ["11","12"]
> {-prefix|/|a}{-prefix|/|b}{-prefix|/|c}{-opt|?|d,e}{-join|&|d,e}{-opt|#|f}{f}
>   Expands to:
>   /1/2/3/4/5/6?d=6&d=7&d=8#1112
> The current alternative using listjoin and non-list values for prefix
> would be:
> {-opt|/|a}{-listjoin|/|a}{-prefix|/|b}{-opt|/|c}{-listjoin|c|}{-opt|?|d,e}{-join|&|d,e}{-opt|#|f}{-listjoin||f}
> Which is quite a bit more complex and significantly less intuitive
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