Re: Test Suite of IRIs/URIs

Le 1 août 2007 à 07:30, Dan Connolly a écrit :
>> Is there a recent list of all possible IRIs (a test suite)?
> I try to keep what I know about URI/IRI testing in
> see also

Ah thanks.

>> The code source for [urlparse module in python][3] is accessible  
>> online.
> Since then, Tim and I did our own implementation in python,
> with test cases:
> I haven't managed to get back to the python community
> about putting it in the standard library.

very nice to see tests.

hmm the interface is not exactly the same, that would be good to mix  
the two codes. Making  a smooth transition, by maybe [patching][4]  
little by little the  would help adoption in the python  


>> [1]:
>> [2]:
>> [3]:
>> rev=43546&view=log

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